Sunday, September 20, 2009

Loosing and Finding Ourself

Only when we loose ourselves will we be able to find ourselves. - Henry Miller

But how do you know when you have lost yourself?
Is the only reason that we seek to find ourself is because we feel lost?
Or do we not know who we are?
What are we trying to find?
Why do we ponder who we are?
Why do we feel so lost?
If in order to find ourself would we have had to first loose ourself?
But wouldn't that imply we once knew who we were?
If we knew who we were, why would we have to find ourself?
But isn't life a journey of self discovery?
Would finding ourself mean the end?
Would we be disappointed?
Would we be happy?
Why can't we be happy in the not knowing?
Why does not knowing cause such uncertainty?
Why can't we relish in the uncertainties of life?
Why are we so scared that the surprises that may come may actually be joyous and delightful?
Are we programmed to expect the worst?
Why do we want to expect the worst?
Is that so we can be prepared for it?
But how can you ever be fully prepared for it?
Would being prepared for it make it any easier to deal with?
Why not prepare for joy?
Is it because if it does not happen we would be disappointed?
But if we prepare for the worst, do we prevent joy from happening?
Why do we have to prepare for anything?
Why not open ourself for what we want?
But do we ever really know what we want?
If we figure out what we want, will we be able to find ourself?

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